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With the advantage of having a contract and being an important partner with reputable shipping lines in the world such as: HEUNGA, SINOKOR, FESCO, DONGYOUNG.... for export and import goods from VIETNAM to RUSSIA is now easier ever.

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Currently, trade between VIETNAM and RUSSIA has been reopened and Russia also gives preferential treatment to goods from VIETNAM. Therefore, this is the night step to open the way to transport goods back.

Why should you choose a shipping service from Wing?

  • Regular weekly train schedule creates a variety of choices for customers.

  • Preferential rates, competitive in the market, diverse payloads.

  • Employees with many years of experience, quickly handle problems and support until the shipment is docked and delivered to the customer.

  • Always update the status of goods from the point of departure to the destination (the time the goods reach the customer).

  • Support documents and check customs clearance procedures quickly, timely, accurately and deliver to customers.

  • Currently, WING receives cargo transportation from VIETNAM to ports in Russia such as VLADIVOSTOK, VOSTOCHNY, NOVOROSSIYSK, SAINT PETERSBUG... and train service from transshipment ports to MOSCOW, so Wing can provide comprehensive and comprehensive services. optimize as well as save the most for customers.

  • Each shipment, no matter how big or small, is monitored by Wing's staff and handled in the fastest way to customers.

Please contact us immediately for advice and the most accurate quote for you.

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