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ISOTANK is the most efficient means of delivery in the industrial sector. This is considered a safe therapy for the transport of bulk chemicals. They are designed to meet specific criteria according to the substance they will carry. Because of this, they are very reliable and able to withstand extreme pressure and damage. They are leak-proof, require no additional packaging materials for goods, and maintain specific temperatures for temperature-sensitive goods.

Type of ISOTANK:

- Food Grade tank

- Hazardous tank

- Non-Hazardous tank


Rent ISO TANK (short and long term) or sell ISO TANK


Transport ISO TANK internationally and domestically.

What are the benefits of using ISOTANK from WINGS?

With the advantage of being an important partner of many tank brands in the market today, Wing gradually affirms the brand as well as the trust of customers when using RENT and TRANSPORT services by ISOTANK both internationally and domestically.

  • The staff has many years of experience and understands the structure and operation of ISOTANK.

  • Various types of ISO TANK for hire to store chemicals and foodstuffs for domestic and international transportation.

  • The most competitive prices in the market, ensuring cost savings for your business.

  • Package consultation when shipping as well as export procedures in the fastest and most convenient way.

  • Many tanks are available to meet the needs of customers.

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