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Perhaps the air transport is not so strange to everyone. This is hmode of transport using specialized aircraft (Cargo Aircraft or Freighter) or in the abdominal cavity of the transport aircraft (Passenger Plane). 

That is why since the establishment of Wing International Joint Stock Company, air transportation has become a very important transportation option in our range of services.

Using a wide range of major airlines, offering all direct feeder services, ensures that we will precisely meet our customers' needs in terms of price, frequency and speed of transportation.


  • Shipping with fast speed.

  • Avoid the risk of damage, theft during transportation. 

  • Limit collisions on transport terrain surfaces such as road and sea.


  • High charge rates.

  • Not suitable for bulk or bulky goods.

  • The product portfolio is less diversified and less suitable for low-value goods.

  • In addition, the influence of weather also hinders the transportation of flights.

Wing International JSC's consolidated services in the air freight sector operate with regular and continuous departures to all major markets in the Far East, North & South America, and African destinations, Asia connects with major European airports.


With the advantage of being an important partner with prestigious airlines in the world such as: TK, VN, QR, VJ, LH, SQ.....  for import and export goods. air freight is easier and faster   like never before. 

Why should you choose air freight from Wing?

  • Regular weekly flight schedule -> variety of options for customers.

  • Fast, accurate and safe shipping.

  •  Preferential rates, competitive in the market, diverse loads.

  • Employees with many years of experience, quickly handle problems and support until the shipment is docked at the airport and delivered to the customer.

  • Always update the status of the goods from the point of departure to the destination (the time the goods reach the customer).

  • Support documents and check customs clearance procedures quickly, timely, accurately and deliver to customers.

  • With agent offices in most of the world, Wing can provide you with the most comprehensive optimization in your supply chain.

  • Each shipment, whether large or small, is supervised by Wing's staff as well as handled in the fastest way to customers.


Please contact us immediately for advice and the most accurate quote for you.

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