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Besides shipping by air, by road, shipping by sea is also one of the options to ensure the safety of customers with large quantities of goods and volumes.

Sea transport is a form of freight transport using means of transport and sea infrastructure to meet transportation needs. The main means of transportation are cargo ships of various tonnage levels, equipment serving the loading and unloading of goods on and off the ship. As for the infrastructure, it is the ports, the facilities built in the port for the transportation of goods by sea.

  • Transport large quantities and volumes, cumbersome.

  • Reduce transportation costs than other means of transportation.

  • The marine traffic system is safe due to fewer vehicles moving, limiting collisions or accidents. 

  • Vast mobility without limitation: with many countries in the world bordering the sea, the routes of movement are not restricted, it helps the movement of cargo ships at sea become easier. easy access to many regions of the world.

In fact, the ability to transport by sea is a highly appreciated method of transporting goods at a safe level, but still cannot avoid rare risks that occur during transportation:

  • Risks from natural disasters: unusual changes of weather at sea such as storms, thunderstorms, rough seas or tsunamis can affect cargo ships moving at sea.

  • Risks from accidents during movement: cargo ships collide with each other, ships run aground while moving in shallow waters or sink into the sea is very rare, but these are also risks that cargoes When sea shipping will be faced.

  • Human risk: the most common is still the situation when the ship is robbed by pirate groups or confiscated by the authorities of a country when it is suspected that the source of the goods is problematic.

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At Wing International, we attach great importance to protecting the interests of our customers by handling all the collection, storage and unloading of goods ourselves. Our company has its own equipment and vehicles, ensuring the safety of customers' goods. Wing International Joint Stock Company provides a professional service that is always available to handle the work at the project site, will also be in charge of customer inquiries, procedures and related work. in relation to that project's shipments.

  • Dry goods (FCL, LCL)

  • Commodities are temperature controlled

  • Project goods

  • Personal goods

  • Bulk shipping

  • From warehouse to warehouse

With the advantage of having a contract  and being an important partner with prestigious shipping lines in the world such as: WANHAI, COSCO, MAERSK, EVERGREEN, CMA, MCC, PIL, ESL, CSL, TS LINE , KMTC …..  for import and export, sea freight is easier than ever. 

Why should you choose sea freight service from Wing?

  • Regular weekly train schedule è variety of choices for customers

  •  Preferential rates, competitive in the market, diverse loads

  • Employees with many years of experience, quickly handle problems and support until the shipment is docked and delivered to the customer.

  • Always update the status of the goods from the point of departure to the destination (the time the goods reach the customer).

  • Support documents and check customs clearance procedures quickly, timely, accurately and deliver to customers.

  • With agent offices in most of the world, Wing can provide you with the most comprehensive optimization in your supply chain.

  • Each shipment, whether large or small, is supervised by Wing's staff as well as handled in the fastest way to customers.


Please contact us immediately for advice and the most accurate quote for you.

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