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Road transport is a form of using vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, pickups, dump trucks, etc. to transport goods on the road and is very popular with domestic and foreign consumers.


  • Flexible time.

  • The shipping process is simple.

  • Transport over medium or short distances..

  • Transporting diverse goods from raw to liquid form, from small to medium volume.

  • Better preservation of goods and quality assurance during transportation.


  • High fees.

  • Massive goods are difficult to transport over long distances.

  • Consume a lot of fuel and pollute the environment.

  • Traffic accidents are likely to happen.

The trucking service operated by Wing International JSC offers a wide range of vehicles to accommodate the full range of different goods transported on behalf of our customers.

  • Full trailer load, (FTL)

  • Partial trailer load (LTL)

  • Cross-border loading is operated daily

  • Shipping to all provinces in the country

In many markets, we operate multi-point delivery vehicles to provide customers with very fast collection and delivery service as part of a seamless warehouse-to-warehouse transport chain.


Thanks to our considerable knowledge and “know-how”, we can tailor it exactly to your needs, at the best cost. In the field of trucking, Wing International JSC has been particularly successful thanks to its Direct Delivery Service System. By avoiding goods waiting in stock, Direct Delivery offers a faster, safer and overall more competitive form of transportation.


In addition, with the advantage of being an important partner with reputable domestic shipping lines in VIETNAM such as HAI AN, VSICO, VIETSUN, GLS ..... for the combined North-South domestic transportation by waterway and road. should be the easiest and most suitable.
Why should you choose the combined North-South domestic water and land service from Wing?
• Regular weekly train schedules have many choices and are suitable for customers
• Fast, accurate and safe shipping.
• Preferential rates, competition in the market, and diverse payloads  SAVE COST and time.
• Staff with many years of experience, quickly handle problems and support until the shipment is docked at the airport and delivered to the customer.
• Always update the status of goods from the point of departure - to the destination (the time the goods arrive at the customer's hand)
• Transporting all kinds of containers: SOC, ISOTANK, RF cont….
• Always put the interests of customers first, and bring the most suitable shipping solution for customers.

Please contact us immediately for advice and the most accurate quote for you.

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