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Multimodal transport is the carriage of goods by up to two different modes of transport that the customer wishes to perform on the basis of a multimodal transport contract.

- Based on the place of receipt and return of goods, multimodal transport is divided into 2 types:

+ Inland multimodal transport means the transportation of goods within the territory of Vietnam.

+ International multimodal transport is transportation from a supplier in Vietnam to a designated destination in another country and vice versa.

- Feature:

  • Multimodal transportation involves at least two modes of transportation.

  • The transportation of standard stevedoring units in the door-to-door transport chain on a continuous basis.

  • The issue of product packaging not being opened when changing modes of transportation.

  • The multimodal transport operator will be in charge of the cargo throughout the entire transportation process, from the time the label is signed until the cargo is delivered to the recipient.

  • While organizing the transfer, some people use several forms of transportation to reduce the number of paperwork and expenditures.

  • On all routes, make sure that items are transported continuously and affordably. On the basis of document simplification, fully satisfy the needs of the product owner.

Wing provides reliable yet cost-effective solutions to our customers through its multimodal shipping capabilities. Wing has top-notch experienced staff who have the relevant knowledge and flexibility to handle all freight combinations that can link them into one seamless path where the customer can enjoy the best combination of multimodal transport be it sea, air, road, or rail.

There are many options where better costs can be achieved through a properly implemented and reliable multimodal transport combination and we are delighted to be able to extend such a cost-effective approach. for you.

We provide FCL, LCL cross-border trucking for your shipment and shipping to/from China, Cambodia and Laos.

We provide both sea and land transportation services that will save you a lot of costs with a specific schedule and guaranteed safety. Ho Chi Minh - Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh - Da Nang, and other localities in the country.

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