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Logistic is a circle that includes activities such as storage of goods, packaging, packaging, warehousing, goods rotation, customs clearance, etc., in order to achieve the ultimate goal of transferring products and goods. from supplier to consumer in the most optimal way.

Wing International Joint Stock Company is at the forefront of providing ready-to-use logistics products to our extensive network of all requirements. Well positioned to provide fully managed and integrated logistics services across all operational areas and at all locations. With its comprehensive global network, Wing International JSC is at the forefront of providing today's popular logistics products. Well positioned to provide fully integrated and controlled universal logistics services, through all transport sectors and in every region.

Here is a variety of logistics services.

However, we would like to confirm that we can design any range of services to meet exactly what you require.

  • Warehouse with complete picking & packing, order reporting, labeling & order fulfillment.

  • Distributed nationally and globally, 365 days a year.

  • Full order tracking and tracing facility

  • Order tracking reporting system & communicating with overseas suppliers or customers on your behalf.

  • Order assembly or sub-labels, merge, and ship according to your requirements.

  • Consulting and implementing customs procedures, quotas, and international documents.

  • Boat & plane rental

  • All-risk insurance

Just put whatever your needs are in international business, Wing International JSC has the experience and capabilities to put together the right logistics package to meet your requirements.

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