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Currently, along with the development of infrastructure, the construction process is taking place vibrantly. Therefore, the demand for bricks is increasing rapidly. In addition to domestically produced bricks, imported bricks are also popular.
So what are the requirements for imported tiles and what are the procedures?


1. Import policy
Imported bricks are not on the list of prohibited imports, but this item is subject to quality inspection and certification of conformity. The specific process is as follows:
Step 1: Register for quality inspection and certification of conformity
Registration dossier includes:
• Application for quality inspection/certificate of conformity
• Channelized import declaration
• Sales contract
• Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
• Packing list (Packing list)
• Bill of Lading/Airway Bill (Sea bill of lading/airway bill)
• C/O (if any)
• Product Sub-label
The enterprise prepares all documents and submits them to the Department of Construction where the enterprise is registered. If the application is complete and complete, the Department will issue a registration number within 2-3 working days. Then proceed with import customs procedures for the shipment.
Note: Transmit the customs declaration before registering for goods quality inspection.

Step 2: Import customs procedures
Import customs clearance documents include:
•    Declaration of imported goods
• The quality inspection registration application has the receipt number of the Department of Construction
• Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
• Packing list (Packing list)
• Bill of Lading/Airway Bill (Sea bill of lading/airway bill)
• C/O (if any)
• Dispatch to bring goods to the warehouse for preservation
Step 3: Test imported bricks
After bringing the goods to a separate warehouse for preservation, the inspection agency will come down to take samples and test the goods according to State regulations.
After inspection, qualified goods will be issued "Test results and Certificate of conformity according to state standards".

Step 4: Notify the inspection results
After receiving "Test results and Certificate of conformity", submit to the Department of Construction (supplement missing documents requested by the Department).
After receiving complete documents, the Department will issue "Notification of results of state inspection of imported goods quality"
Step 5: Customs clearance of goods
You bring the original copy of the above Notice from the Department of Construction and submit it to customs and get customs clearance for the shipment
Step 6: Make declaration of conformity
Make declaration of conformity on the online public service system to legalize goods before selling them to the market.

2. HS code import: Refer to chapters 68 and 69
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If you have any questions about procedures for importing tiles, please contact us for advice and quotes.

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