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With many years of experience in the field of import and export, WINGS is currently implementing  package import and export services of Agricultural Products to Vietnam.

1. Process of importing agricultural products to Vietnam:

Check whether agricultural products are allowed to be imported into Vietnam. If is not allowed to import, a permit will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Documents required to apply for a permit are as follows:

  • Invoice & packing List

  • Bill Of Lading

  • Phytosanitary


2. Customs procedures and quarantine when goods return to Vietnam:

Required words when doing import customs:

  • Invoice & packing list

  • CO (if any)

  • Phytosanitary

  • Import license (if any)

  • Quarantine registration certificate

  • Other documents…

  • Notice of arrival of goods

  • Fee bill

  • Vinnacc account

  • One-stop account​

Time to make goods quickly and accurately, within 1-2 days after having a full set of documents. We can bring goods to customers. Please contact us directly for more details.

3. Process of Exporting Agricultural Products from Vietnam

Currently, Vietnamese agricultural products are reaching the international level, so with the mission of providing economical, accurate, reputable and dedicated services to customers, WING Company is currently deploying the export service of Agricultural Products. package from Vietnam to countries around the world

For fresh fruit exported to countries such as CHINA, EU, USA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, KOREA...  there is a growing area code, a packing house code  for export. Especially, fresh fruits exported to CHINA will have more special requirements for export and import procedures than other countries, please contact us for more advice.

The procedure for importing wine is as follows

Checking goods allowed to be exported and imported in two countries

Proceed to take booking with the shipping line

Register for quarantine on PQS and get samples

Results of quarantine and customs clearance of goods

Customs declaration documents required

bao bì mắc ca 2 loại (1).png


  • Save shipping cost:have good relationship with shipping lines such as: WANHAI, YANGMINH, ONE, EMIRATE, COSCO, CSL ...../ airlines such as: EY, QR, VJ, TK ...   to guarantee freight rates competitive and in line with the client's budget

  • Prestigious and dedicated customs declaration service:With a staff of many years of experience in importing agricultural products, consulting HS codes as well as the most clear, concise and accurate process to avoid risks for customers.

  • Reputable Commitment:Always be clear about all information, contract terms, confidentiality.

Please  contact us for more advice and best service!

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